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Words of Encouragement

Below, you will find statements and positive affirmations from single mothers who have been encouraged. These words are all of their own; their pain but also their triumph. These statements are not influenced, coerced or otherwise written by PFPAM Corporation. These single mothers chose to share these statements with you in order to offer you happiness, hope, help and healing. These are their words of encouragement.

Adrian Walker

Trust in Him

by Adrian Walker

"He who puts their trust in HIM shall never be disappointed, cast aside, nor put to shame!!"

Romans 10:11

In 2016, I decided to finally take a step of faith and move to Houston, TX. For many years, I sensed that The LORD was leading me to go in this direction. So in March of 2017-early August 2017, I began to travel to Houston to attend job fairs, various interviews, and “spy out the land.” My deadline to be in Houston was Friday, August 25th because it was the day of my son’s Freshmen Orientation. Since he was new not only to the school but to the city, I felt it was important for him to participate in this event. The week before we were to relocate, my mom said, “What are you going to do since you didn’t get a job?

That’s right!!! After months of participating in several interviews, I did not get 1 offer and didn’t have any prospects, however, I wasn’t bothered. I thought-Houston is a huge city……and people always resign during the summer months, I’ll get a job before the month is out. I said to my mom, “I’m going on because I sense this is what I’m being led to do…..so I have to go regardless of the situation.”

So, Thursday (August 24, 2017) Tyler and I head to Houston, TX…..boy are we excited!!! We’re having such a great trip and this is the 1st time that he has traveled with me……so he’s really excited about the things he seeing as we go. Well, as we get close to Houston, we find out that there is a storm brewing. My brother connected me to a friend of his and he’s talking me “into” the city-keeping me abreast of what’s happening. We were also getting updates from the mayor via FB. The mayor stated that the storm wasn’t going to be a big deal……just take the normal precautions. So, of course, our 1st stop when we arrive in the city was Walmart. You can imagine how the store looked!!! I told Tyler since the mayor said it wasn’t going to be a big deal, let’s just get a few items…..we’ll come back sometime next week to really do some shopping. Boy was he wrong, lol!!

The next day, Friday-August 25, 2017, the entire city of Houston was under water!!! Hurricane Harvey came and slammed the city!!! Now, mind you, I don’t have a job and not a lot of money…….and of course, nobody is hiring!!!! Fast Forward……….. Sunday evening (September 17, 2017), I had a conversation with my son to tell him that I was going to call my sister to ask her to come and get us and the end of the month because I didn’t have the money for October rent. I told him that where the LORD leads, HE provides and that I wasn’t going to ask any family members for the money. As I left the conversation, I hear these words, “Don’t call yet.” So, I don’t call.

Monday, September 18, 2017 Finally!!! I received a texted for a job assignment. It’s with Labor Finders and my assignment is to assist with cleaning out storage units. JESUS!!!! I arrive at the job site and all I can say is “LORD, I KNOW that this is not your best for me!!” I arrive back home and I tell my son, I’m not going back there tomorrow. Tyler says….”Mom, you have to….we need the money”!!!!!! I said I know that we need the money but I can get an answer quicker from The Lord by spending 1 day in HIS Presence than going back there to clean out storage units!! By answer, I meant that I wanted to inquire about why I couldn’t find a job-a person who was a licensed professional with 20 years of experience……...not to mention a great work ethic….yet, I got turned down by Molly Maids!!!! What is really going on?????

Well, Tuesday, September 19, 2017 I drop Tyler off at school and go to a nearby park to “get clear.” As I’m walking, I just allow my tears to flow freely and finally I muster up some words: “LORD, I don’t understand why I can’t find a job….this isn’t a last minute decision…..I’ve uprooted Tyler from all that he knows……we don’t have any family here and we don’t know anyone……I just don’t understand…….so I’m just going on and on…….. Well, I hear the Lord say “Praise is a weapon…..it will work for you if you use it.” So I begin…..quietly praising HIM.

When I got home that afternoon, The LORD gave me an instruction: “Lay your hands on your resume and your license and “Declare the Favor of God over them.” Wednesday, September 20, 2017 I drop Tyler off at school and I do the same thing: Praise and lay my hands on my credentials Declaring the Favor of GOD over them. Well, I come across a song that I hadn’t heard before called ‘WayMaker’ by Miranda Curtis. She said….Way-Maker, Miracle-Worker, Promise-Keeper…….when she said the words: “Promise-Keeper”……something exploded within me and I jumped to my feet and began to remind The LORD of HIS Promises to me along with Prophetic Words that had been spoken over my life and that I was NOT going to be denied!!!

That was my “Game-Changer”. The afternoon, I check Indeed and low and behold there is school (Victory Prep) that is in need of a Counselor immediately. I apply and within 1 hour I get a response from the principal asking me to come in tomorrow (Thursday, September 21, 2017) for an interview. Friday, September 22nd, I’m working in my field!!!! Well, The LORD gave me soooooo much Favor with my principal!!! On Tuesday (9/26th), he calls me into his office and says…..they are not going to pay you what you’re worth….so give them some push back to see if you can get more money. Well, sure enough, Wednesday (September 27th), I receive my contract and the pay is significantly lower than what I was accustomed to…..but October 1st is just a few days away!!! That didn’t really cause me great concern because I was so desperate….what was alarming to me was that they got paid on a MONTHLY basis!!! So, I called HR….I tried to advocate for myself-using my knowledge and experience-to negotiate my salary but they were not bulging……so, I didn’t sweat it. I moved on to my main concern, I ask…..so, we get paid on a monthly basis….does that mean that I won’t receive a check until the end of October? She said….no ma’am….you will receive your paycheck on Friday……this FRIDAY (September 29TH)???? She said, “Yes”!!!!

JESUS!!!! Talk about praising The LORD!! On Friday, September 29th, 2017, I received an entire month’s check for 6 days of work!!! Now, that’s GOD!!!! Just days ago, I did NOT know how Tyler were going to make it!!! But GOD was NOT through yet………. Things were going so well that I actually turned down an opportunity to work for another ISD that was closer to my house. October 10th, 2017 My principal called me into his office to tell me that the board is meeting to talk about closing the school. What??? Remember, I let go of an interview opportunity days before he told me this!! Well, on the way home, I said, “LORD, this is no surprise to YOU…..a surprise to me….but LORD, I trust YOU in this situation”. THE NEXT DAY!!! THE NEXT DAY!!!!! I received a call from another local ISD asking if I would come in for an interview. Long story short, I receive the job and my pay is almost $30,000.00 higher!!!!!!!!!! JESUS!!!!!!!! Romans 10:11 He who puts his trust in HIM shall NEVER be disappointed, cast aside, nor put to shame!!!!

This Entity

by: Anonymous

This entity of energy loves me.
I shall not deceive this entity.

His energy fills me,
His spirit guides me,
His holiness sets me free.
Makes me believe, in this entity.

This entity of energy saved me,
Gave me life,
- filled with light.
Lifts me upon high.
O so high, his spirit guides – me.
How I am thankful for this entity.

This entity of energy knows my soul and my mind,
For I praise him all the time.

This entity forgave me,
Enslaved me,
In his great might.
He walks by my side.
Never ceasing to leave, this entity.
For he opened up my eyes and made me see.

He didn't break my spirit

By: Sheila Bundy

My ex-husband was physically, mentally, and verbally abusive. He was a liar, had a controlling personality, and also was a thief. He tried to kill my spirit. That was his real nature. My nineteen-year-old daughter, mother of a two-year-old and a two-week-old collapsed and died. The next year my baby brother was murdered. Two years after that, mommy died, and six months after her death, my father died. During these times, my husband did not support or console me. He continued to lie, come home late, and hide our money in his underwear. He was having affairs, but I did not care because the kids and I were happy when he was not there.

He kept fighting me, yelling even when I was pregnant with our son, hitting, kicking. People would come to our house, give him so much credit because it was so beautiful. The kids and I cleaned that house every day. Everyone who lived inside our house was sad and afraid. The last fight we had, the cops came, put handcuffs on us, and placed us in the police car. I thought to myself; he is not worth my freedom. I told the cops I would not fight or say anything to him. They took off the cuffs and made him leave. The next day I got a lawyer, moved the kids and me into an apartment. God blessed me with a good job. I was lonely, angry, and scared. I could not even grieve for my family for years. But God carried me through the darkness, kept my mind and my children protected. God is still healing me and giving me His peace. Now I can grieve my loved ones. The joy of the Lord is my strength. Thank you, Jesus.

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